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giovedì 10 ottobre 2013

10 ottobre 2013, giovedì

Taglio di capelli.
Dear Friends,
As a valued member of our wonderful community of beautiful and mindful women, we are so fortunate to recognize and be empowered by all of the women who have come before us, forging the way for a higher understanding and appreciation of what it truly means to be healthy.
Within the patterns of your thoughts and emotions, your choices and actions, and your responses and reactions, you hold an inner wisdom—your “egg wisdom”—that allows you to see the potential in everything. When you listen to this exquisitely accurate wisdom, the mystery of remaining or becoming vibrantly healthy is at your fingertips, and in turn, can be shared with the world!
Remember to celebrate yourself as the powerful, wonderful, vibrant, feminine, ecstatic, playful, joyful and healthy woman that you already are and look forward to sharing this energy and your ever-growing wisdom with the beloved women in your life.
Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Embodied Wisdom

There is an energy that spirals through our bodies, connecting our every thought and emotion, every choice and action, every response and reaction.
And if we let ourselves, we can bring this energy into alignment, and quite literally, quite deliberately, bring heaven down to earth by connecting our spirituality with everyday life, loving relationships, and peaceful surroundings.
Be empowered knowing that you have the ability to access this vital life force in your day-to-day life to achieve vibrant health in mind, body, and spirit.
Be certain knowing that once you understand the exquisitely accurate wisdom of your body, the mystery of remaining (or becoming) vibrantly healthy is at your fingertips.
And celebrate that the only thing left to do, is to hold up a mirror and look upon ourselves as the powerful, wonderful, vibrant, feminine, ecstatic, playful, joyful and healthy women we already are.
(Christiane Northrup